Distributing Garments
Embassy Logo

As a brand, Embassy of Bricks and Logs is taking a stand against the apalling practices in today‘s fashion industry while maintaining an uncompromising quality standard – creating pieces that are sustainable through outstanding craftsmanship and longevity first. By designing quality, every-day-favorite pieces with cuts and colors that are more than just the fad of the season, Embassy coats are engineered to have an extended life-span, making them slow-fashion by definition (a counter-concept to the overproduction of the big fair fashion players).

Why7 Logo

We love denim. We focus on one product category to make sure that every style is nothing but perfect. We think it is absolutely essential to create the perfect fit for our customers. With a long-term mindset, working continuously, we are able to provide you with products of a high and consistent level. Our denim collections are made by carefully selected and skilled suppliers in Europe. We are based in Denmark, and are deeply inspired by the contrast of the raw, Scandinavian nature and the creative vibrations it creates. Those are the reasons WHY..

Rockamora Logo

Rockamora was established in Wiesbaden in 2005. The intention behind creating a brand was to get high-quality basic wear. The Rockamora products are manufactured in Portugal with great care on ethical and environment standards. Today Rockamora is available in several stores and onlineshops spread throughout Germany (Austria and Switzerland).